History & Design

The history of the Hotel de Charme Laveno

From a famous ceramics factory to a modern designhotel on the Lake Maggiore

Hotel de Charme Laveno was built on the site of an old ceramic factory, which produced tiles, plates and bathroom furniture; the original facade of the factory has been preserved and combines the great history of ceramics with the modernity of our hotel.
Even today, the Italian Ceramic Society (I.C.S Laveno) embodies an important chapter for the region and the residents of this quiet harbour on Lake Maggiore. The I.C.S. was founded in 1856 by Messrs Revelli, Caspani and Carnelli and remained active until 1998, when the establishment in Laveno was closed.
Over the years, a lot of great artists worked in this establishment, dedicating their whole careers to ceramics. We remember the great Guido Andlovitz, who was the artistic director in the ‘20s, as well as the eccentric Antonia Campi, who was able to turn a simple meal into a moment of artistic value with her artistic plate decorations.
In 1965, I.C.S. entered into the Richard-Ginori Society, and it was a great moment for the economy of Laveno; their plates were exported to the U.S. In 1998, the operation in Laveno closed, and so a great chapter in the history of Italian ceramics was closed forever.

For this reason, our hotel wants to keep this memory alive, not only by using the ceramics of Richard-Ginori in the restaurant and in the rooms, but also with illustrative panels placed in various corners of the hotel so that a small part of this great history is always present with us.