Discover the surrounding area of Laveno-Mombello


Laveno-Mombello sunny side of the Lake

1) Market of Luino
Every Wednesday transfer to the famous Luino’s market. Stroll through the numerous stands that offer something
for every visitor.

2) Santa Caterina
Only a short drive takes you to the fascinating monastery that was built more than 1,000 years ago.
Spend your time to visit the monastery with the small chapel and joy the wonderful view over the Lake Maggiore.

3) Panoramic tour to the province of Varese
A panoramic trip to know the suggestive landscape of the province of Varese.
Begins with the visit of Villa Porta Bozzolo in Casalzuigno, an ancient building from the 16th century.
It continues to Arcumeggia, famous for the paintings, which are executed with the fresco’s technique.
At the end a photo stop at the magnificent viewpoint in Monteggia.


4) Beaches of the Lake Maggiore
Short transfer to the nearby beaches of Reno or Cerro.

5) Shopping and Sightseeing in Milano
Transfer to the city center. Discover on your own the pulsating metropolis of Milan with its world-famous Duomo
and the numerous shopping opportunities.