Covid Safe Hotel

It feels safe like at home

After weeks of daily challenges, one of the most complex decisions we have had to make was to reopen our hotel on July 3rd. The difficulty we encountered is easy to explain if we recall that the health of guests and staff is an absolute priority for us, a value that involves both work ethics and collaboration from the public. Yet, we believe it is important to return to appreciate the beauty of life, whether it be a holiday, a lake landscape, an aperitif at sunset.

During this time, we have identified the best plan of action regarding quality. We have made Hotel de Charme Laveno the first Covid Safe Hotel in Lombardy. Tranquillity, peace, intimacy and space to express oneself have always been the cornerstones of our hotel. Security, closely connected to privacy, are key. Below is a detailed list of the measures we have taken.

Highlights for 2020

Covid Safe Hotel: To access Hotel de Charme Laveno we ask, if possible, a negative result of the Covid test carried out privately 4 days before or a test executed at our hotel or in a collaborating laboratory nearby. In addition, all employees undergo weekly rapid serological tests.

Small & Charming: with only 30 rooms, we guarantee maximum privacy. Far from crowds and in a privileged position, our hotel ensures intimate tranquillity.

Buffet breakfast: accessible only to guests wearing a mask and protective gloves. With an enveloping sense of protection, and at your own leisurely pace, you can taste our delicious local products.

Infinity Pool: you can swim with the feeling of meeting Lake Maggiore and its mountainous backdrop. One dip is enough to experience a sensation of extreme lightness.

Botanical garden: the place where you can relax while walking, reading a good book in the shade of a tree, admiring the lake. This is place where our hotel celebrates the beauty of nature.

La Pergola Terrace: where you can enjoy breakfast, admire the landscape, let your thoughts wander. A terrace that looks like a balcony overlooking the lake, a terrace like a stage for summer.

Location: the hotel is located in one of the least frequented places on the lake. This means uncontaminated nature, peace, silence, free space. In two words: carefree holidays.

Prevention measures

Who can we host
We want to ensure maximum safety and we trust in your understanding as access is allowed only to guests with a body temperature below 37.5° C measured on site with an infrared thermometer and have not had contact with people with the virus for the last 14 days. We also ask, if possible, a negative result of a Covid test carried out privately 4 days before or directly in our facility or a collaborating laboratory nearby. If you experience flu symptoms during your stay, please let us know so we can notify the health authorities.
Finally, kindly indicate your check-in time so that we can organize your arrival.

All staff undergo a rapid serological test weekly. In addition, the whole team has their temperature checked, complies with the rules established by law and receives specific training. The heart and soul of our hotel is also our staff, so we ask for your cooperation to help protect their health as well.

With the intention of guaranteeing maximum safety without sacrificing the quality of service, we have adopted the following changes:

  • Room service for a fee (€ 10).
  • Possibility to use the infinity pool while maintaining a safety distance of 1.5 m between people who do are not part of the same group.
  • Group access to the Private Charming Spa is allowed to guests of the same family or occupying the same room (by reservation).
  • The Laveno Fitness Factory is open 24 hours a day: the distance to be respected is 2 m.

Use of mask and additional safety measures
To guarantee safety and protect the health of all, we ask you to wear a mask in the common areas and if the safety distance provided by the Region (1 m) is not respected. The same distance is required between the tables and the loungers. Hand sanitizer gel dispensers are found in all common areas.

Advanced security protocols
We have always paid close attention to cleanliness and safety; now we have adapted further by developing a service protocol that provides for the sanitation of the entire structure.

  • Strict cleaning and sanitizing measures for all areas.
  • Room sanitation with nationally approved products after each departure.
  • Suppliers must follow the safety rules set by the hotel and do not have free access to the structure.
  • Air quality: extra inspections on ventilation systems.

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